Bathing in natural swimming ponds: good for body and nature

Bathing in natural swimming ponds: good for body and nature
© Biohotel Sturm

Last summer I had the chance to swim in a swimming pond for the very first time and it was an extraordinary experience, especially for me as a nature lover. Surrounded by trees and the beautiful garden I just floated between the water lilies! Best of all: natural swimming ponds can do without chemicals. The biological balance is essential in a swimming pond. With a matching combination of swamp, shore, and underwater plants, the water keeps clean! And they also create a great backdrop. You’ve already learned more about chemical-free pools in our blog, today we’d like to introduce you to three wonderful swimming ponds. Maybe it’s right up your alley – in your own garden or at least on vacation?


Clear water through nature’s power

The composition of the plants is the most important thing when planning swimming ponds. However, most natural swimming ponds require some technology. Especially the “pollution” caused by leaves, pollen, or fishes living in the ponds must be removed with filter systems. The cleaned water is then pumped back. In order to keep the pond as natural as possible, some plant species can be used as natural filters, though. In general, chemicals can be used in swimming ponds to maintain the water quality. Yet, experts recommend to completely evade chemicals as they destroy the biological balance in the pond. We love it!

A place to unwind

Where Biohotel Sturm’s natural bathing pond forms the garden’s centerpiece today, a pool was originally planned. During the planning stage, it soon became clear that only a natural swimming pond would match the hotel’s green philosophy. Today, the small ecosystem not only serves as a retreat and relax area but also provides energy itself through revitalized Grander water. You can relax and swim in the green environment, and listen to the rustling reed. At the waterfront, you can also do yoga open air.


Natural swimming pond and glacier peeling © Naturhotel Outside
Peel your skin with a glacier peeling at the natural swimming pond at Naturhotel Outside.


Healthy garden, healthy guests

The swimming pond of Naturhotel Outside is embedded in a garden perfect for dreamers. It’s the perfect place to pamper yourself! Stroll through the herbal garden and breathe the spicy scent or simply relax on the lawn and enjoy the panoramic view of the East Tyrolean mountains. Would you rather nurture your skin? Then try the glacier peeling with the fine rock particles of the glacier Großvenediger. They contain valuable minerals for silky soft skin. You can also train your cardiovascular system with a KNEIPP path directly at the natural bathing pond. What’s missing to end your open-air spa? Bathing in the swimming pond of course!


Inspired by nature

It’s not too bad swimming in a natural bathing pond with the view of the Zoggler Reservoir and the Ulten Valley panorama 😉 The 700 morganic swimming pond in the Alpine garden at Arosea Life Balance Hotel is designed according to nature. The interplay of native aquatic plants, naturally designed water inlets, gravel, and natural regeneration areas ensures clear water. If you dive in here, you won’t want to leave – we know what we’re talking about!


View of the South Tyrolean mountains and swimming pond © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
Panoramic view of the mountains and the Alpine garden including the organic swimming pond at Arosea Life Balance Hotel


Organic swimming pond in the Alpine garden © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
Natural swimming pond at Arosea Life Balance Hotel

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