On International Women’s Day: Women’s Power for Environmental Protection

On International Women’s Day: Women’s Power for Environmental Protection
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Today is International Women’s Day. Hence, we introduce you to some strong women contributing to the protection of the environment, the climate and animals everyday.



Currently very popular: Greta Thunberg. The 16-year-old wants to go on strike until the whole world realizes that we must now start protecting the climate. She regularly speaks to political actors and has been able to trigger a real movement among young people!



Promoting female potential

We shouldn’t follow well-worn paths for the future of a healthy planet. According to Vandana Shiva, the potential lies in diversity, as can be found in nature. If you haven’t heard of her before, it’ about time 😉 She was awarded one of the most influential women in the world by Forbes and founded her own NGO called Navdanya supporting organic farming, fair trade and promoting the cultivation of native plants in agriculture. She repeatedly underlines women’s outstanding role in sustainable development. For example, in her book ‘Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development’ she highlights the importance of women in agriculture for sustainable food supply.

In Morocco, the sustainable hotel Kasbah du Toubkal also promotes female potential, albeit using a completely different approach. Education for All (EFA) enables young women to access secondary education and, thus, to develop their full potential. Recently, Fatima the first “EFA girl” has received a Bachelor’s degree. We are curious to see how many more will follow her!


Rescued buffalo. © Keemala
Rescued water buffalo at Keemala Resort


Stay green

We love to travel! Nevertheless, tourism can cause negative consequences. To name a few: the arrival of guests and their supply, the cosmetic products and cleaning detergents, the supply and consumption of energy, long hauls for food supply, textiles and more… Due to these reasons, the Green Pearls® partners take responsibility and give back with their hotels: They all minimize the environmental impact with their green hotels and promote the health of their guests, e.g. through biodegradable cleaning agents, regional food from organic cultivation, natural cosmetics, holistic wellness concepts, climate protection projects, and green electricity.

Needless to say, among the Green Pearls® partners some extraordinary women set an example in the hotel industry:


The Keemala is thoroughly sustainable and especially characterized by its Anti-Animal Exploitation Policy, particularly important to Samornpun Somnam. Be it the protection or rescue of injured wild animals who have found a new home in the resort or the general boycott of exploitative animal shows.

Likewise, Anne Stauder from Arosea Life Balance Hotel and Katrin Holl from Hotel Lamm have created oases with their natural hotels promoting mental well-being. Spa lovers’ hearts beat faster here: use of exclusively natural cosmetics and organic herbs from the region for the treatments and extensive and holistic cures. Of course, sustainability is reflected in the furnishing as well, the hotel’s cuisine and much more. You will understand when you have experienced these wonderful places yourself!


Environmental protection in style

The fashion industry enormously impacts the environment, as you can check again here. Big names like Safia Minney, the founder of the sustainable fashion brand People Tree, are committed not only to fair working conditions but also to organic cultivation of resources (e.g. organic cotton) and environmentally friendly dyeing of textiles. Such processes are good for the environment, the health of the textile workers and finally for us wearing clothes that haven’t been treated with chemicals!


Spa © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
Spa area at Arosea Life Balance Hotel

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