Food waste and green cuttings used in the garden

Food waste and green cuttings used in the garden
© The Tongsai Bay

Sometimes it’s frustrating to see how much waste is produced while cooking or gardening. Even though I rarely cause plastic waste in the kitchen, other waste has to be disposed of. Private households usually generate small amounts of organic waste. In hotels, on the contrary, the dimensions are quite different. We have already introduced you to Green Pearls® hotels that are particularly committed to fighting food waste (find out more here and here). Today’s post is about hotels recycling food waste and green waste – since most of our partners also have gardens hence produce green waste. Be inspired by these hotels to show you how you can process your kitchen and garden waste at home – in the cycle of nature!


Organic garden © Gili Lankanfushi
The organic garden at Gili Lankanfushi.


Well fertilized on the Maldives

As a group of islands, the Maldives mainly have sandy and nutrient-poor soils. Therefore, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables is rather difficult. Hence, Gili Lankanfushi has “reinforced” itself: The Rocket Composter transforms leftovers into rich humus in a very short time. About 90 % of the food waste is processed into fertilizer for the hotel garden. With success, the organic herbs, organic salads, and fruits, and vegetables demonstrate.


The Maldivian Reethi Beach Resort has implemented a recycling economy. More than half of all leftovers are processed in their own biogas plant, which in turn supplies the hotel kitchen with biogas for cooking. The by-products of the biogas production, such as sludge and water, are reused as fertilizer for the hotel’s own organic garden. If you don’t have your own garden and therefore your own compost pile, check out small composting boxes, so-called wormeries. Some of them can also stay indoors or are a nice piece on your balcony!



Villa Pool amidst nature © Zeavola Resort
Bathing amidst the nourished garden of Zeavola Resort.


Nourished greenery

Naturally, the enchanting gardens and properties of the Green Pearls® partners are pruned every now and then. Branches, foliage and green waste are all re-used: Either they are composted and used as a fertilizer afterwards, as in the organic beds of the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA and the surrounding jungle garden at the Zeavola Resort. Or the green waste is piled up into small biotopes providing shelter for wild animals in the organic garden of the Agrivilla i pini. It’s easy to do this in your garden, because you shouldn’t be too tidy gardening, so the wild animals can find quiet zones!


Even though all Green Pearls® hotels try to limit food waste as much as possible, it isn’t always possible. That’s why i pini composts leftovers from the vegan kitchen into fertilizer, just like Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui. Another special feature you can try at home: The Tongsai Bay manufactures natural peelings from coffee dregs. You couldn’t nurture your skin any better, could you? 😉 In Peru, most of the food waste from the Inkaterra Hotels is also used as fertilizer: the leftovers are processed into organic humus, which is then spread on the vegetable fields at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba!


Do you have any other great ideas for using natural waste?


Organic farm in Peru © Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba
The hotel’s own organic farm at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.


Meadow in the organic hotel garden © i pini
Untidy garden and long grass at i pini to protect animals.


View of the selfness-hotel and Bad Herrenalb © SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA
View of the selfness-hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA and Bad Herrenalb.

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