5 accommodations for sustainable sleep in ancient masonry

5 accommodations for sustainable sleep in ancient masonry
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Recently you have learned more about sustainable architecture on our blog. Today, we introduce you to five historic accommodations spread all over the world that are monuments of extraordinary and long-lasting construction methods. If these walls could talk, they would tell you stories about the past days. Moreover, the buildings have been renovated with regard to energy efficiency and sustainability over the years. Experience a journey through time in the antique walls of these unusual accommodations.

Sagna Rotonda

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Underground spa

Outdoor fans regularly lose their hearts here! Far and wide there’s nothing but mountains, forests and valleys around the small eco-village Sagna Rotonda in the Piedmont. The 17th century hamlet was passionately rebuilt preserving a piece of history. You can find a small pool and Finnish sauna in the vaulted cellar of the sustainable and energy self-sufficient hamlet.


History of Schwerin 2.0

Once grains were stowed here to be later processed to bread, now, Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee is located in the historic building. Built in 1939, the listed granary was renovated regarding sustainable standards, and offers guests climate-free stays and rooms with view of the lake.


Vivid cobblestoned streets

Cusco is not only picturesquely situated in the Peruvian Andes, but also has a charming, vibrant old town. Inkaterra La Casona is located in a traditional 16th century manor house, thus, preserving the characteristic historic townscape. Today, Inkaterra La Casona merges the Incan history and Spanish conquerors’ influences.


Bathing culture reloaded

Since 1898, Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist sits enthroned on a dune above the city of Juist. During the turn of the century, the elegant building was constructed as a luxurious spa hotel. It still is a place for unwinding, recovering, and having thalassic therapies. Our tip: Enjoy the impressive view over the whole island Juist from the (new) glass dome!


Between vines and olive groves

Experience a hint of the Italian Renaissance at i pini in Tuscany. The walls of the 16th century Agrivilla have been renovated in a sustainable way. Only natural, organically sourced, and non-animal materials were used such as lime, clay, and rice.




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