Chemical-free hotel pools? No problem!

Chemical-free hotel pools? No problem!
© Tongsai Bay

It’s summertime! And with the rising temperatures comes an increasing need for cooling. Unfortunately, all too often bland pools full of chlorine spoil the fun of swimming. How about jumping into one of the gorgeous natural pools of our Green Pearls® partners instead? Since they do not contain any harmful chemicals, they make swimming much more environmentally friendly and healthy: natural swimming with all the advantages you expect from a pool. Let us present you some of them.


Enjoyable and environmentally friendly

The i pini team in Tuscany does not think much of chemically produced chlorine. Due to the sustainable approach of the purely vegan Agrivilla, you’ll bathe in a saltwater pool overlooking the towers of the medieval town of San Gimignano. Hygienically clean water is ensured by a salt electrolysis plant, which splits the salt into two components: sodium bicarbonate and hypochlorite gas. The latter reacts with microorganisms and bacteria. The great advantage of this system is that afterwards the chlorite gas reacts with the sodium bicarbonate to form salt again – decomposing automatically and in an entirely natural way. Here you can swim in an eco-friendly way, without the annoying chlorine smell – and the salty water leaves a pleasant feeling on your skin.


Salzwasserpool i pini
Swimming with a view of the medieval town San Gimignano © i pini


Luxury that is also good for the environment

Tongsai Bay is located on a beautiful bay on Koh Samui, surrounded by pristine nature. The resort is committed to the protection of local flora and fauna and the hotel routine is in complete harmony with nature. To build the resort, not a single tree has been cut down, and insect poisons or fertilizers are deliberately avoided. Accordingly, you do not only have your own pool in some of the villas at the luxurious resort, you also enjoy all the benefits of salt electrolysis: swimming environmentally friendly without harming your eyes, hair and skin. If you want to book right now, just choose one of the Seafront Pool Villas, Tongsai Pool Villas, McGuigan Cottage or Pool Cottage. And have a perfect vacation on Koh Samui: relaxing by your private pool, enjoying the sea view and sipping a refreshing cocktail from a drinking straw made of lemon grass.


Privatpool Tongsai Bay
Relaxing at your private pool © Tongsai Bay


Swimming pond with a view of the mountains

Hotel Outside in the Austrian Alps is another great place for relaxing and enjoying. The hotel offers plenty of possibilities, be it in the nature spa with its rock crystal brine grotto and aroma steam bath, or on guided hiking tour through the mountains. And in summer you can cool off in the natural swimming pond in front of the house. The reeds and aquatic plants framing the pond do not only provide a protected and natural atmosphere, they are also important for water stability. Instead of chemicals, microorganisms are used to prevent the growth of algae, and a sufficient water circulation keeps the oxygen content at a healthy level. This is certainly not only good for the environment, but also for you – and the view of the surrounding mountains makes your bathing experience perfect.


Naturbadeteich vor dem Hotel Outside
Hotel Outside’s natural swimming pond © Carolin Thiersch


Sea and pool at the same time: is that even possible?

Right on the doorstep of the Océano Hotel Health Spa you can have a bathing experience that couldn’t be closer to nature. There is a public seawater pool directly in the sea – only separated from the open sea by a curved stone barrier. And why can’t you just swim in the sea? Well, that’s quite simple: on Tenerife the seabed is often rocky and the waves are very strong. In contrast, the seawater pool provides protection and a convenient entry area. So you can enjoy the advantages of the sea completely untroubled. However, this is not the only reason why the Océano Hotel Health Spa is worth a visit; it also provides an extensive health and wellness program including detoxification and thalassotherapy – and of course, there is its sustainable approach. Chemicals are largely avoided, more than 50 percent of the warm water is produced by solar panels and recently mango and avocado trees have been planted on the property; in the future you will find their fruits on the hotel’s delicious breakfast buffet. And the breathtaking landscape of Tenerife will do its bit for your dream vacation on the island.

Would you like to discover some more natural pools and swimming ponds? Then take a look at last year’s blog post on chemical free swimming.


Meerwasserpool vor dem Océano Hotel Health Spa
Enjoy the advantages of the sea in the seawater pool of Océano Hotel Health Spa © Günter Standl

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