Adventure Thailand: Traveling with Visual Impairment

Adventure Thailand: Traveling with Visual Impairment

Often, it’s not easy prepare and arrange a vacation in a distant country – especially if you don’t speak the local language. It is even more problematic for people with visual impairments, because communication with hands and feet is much more difficult for them. Fortunately, the Thai travel organizer nutty’s adventures has recently started offering tours tailored to these needs: On an 11-day trip, handicapped people with impaired vision get to know Thailand with all their other senses. Special attention is paid to the requirements and needs of the visually impaired. By the way, the trip has already been successfully tested with the organization Seable Accessible Active Holidays based in Great Britain and a travel group.


What does such a trip look like?

From Bangkok, the trip leads  through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ayutthaya to northern Thailand, to Chiang Mai to visit the elephant sanctuary. In the Phayao region, the experience of a homestay and a visit to the self-sufficient village of Baan Dok Bua awaits the participants. Not only the Thai cuisine is particularly impressive, but also a workshop on basket weaving. With further stops, travelers head south and finally take the ferry to the island of Koh Sukorn. Traditional Tuk Tuks take them to the hotel to end the day chilling at the beach. The tour combines something of everything: nature and culture, craftsmanship and culinary enjoyment, mountains and beach – and conveys a lot of impressions!


© nutty's adventures
“Thailand for all” is a new concept by nutty’s adventure making experiencing Thailand possible for people with visually impairment. © nutty’s adventures


But this is not the only tour nutty’s adventures offer: For all offered tours, responsible travel plays an important role. Hence, the tours always include community-based activities as well as a sustainable and a considerate approach to nature – an approach nutty’s adventures has already received a Travelife Certification for in August 2018.


Reiskultur Tourismus © nutty's adventures
Rice cultivation plays a great part in the Thai economy. © nutty’s adventures


On the field with rubber boots

Other tours include homestay trips to the Karen Hill tribe in the North including a visit to the impressive limestone cliffs of Mae Hong Son, or guided walking and cycling tours with overnight stays in the tree house in Chiang Mai. Beyond that completely new routes are offered, like the newly invented rice culture tourism. The idea behind is quite simple: Both rice cultivation and tourism play an important role for the Thai inhabitants and the economy – so why not simply combine both? On these tours the participants learn about rice cultivation for one or several days. The participants are provided rubber boots when helping in the fields. Later they spend the night with the rice farmers at home. All nutty’s adventures tours have one thing in common: they are extraordinary and profound experiences of Thai culture and nature and lead to special memories.

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