Feasting responsibly: Slow Food Days on Juist

Feasting responsibly: Slow Food Days on Juist
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Slow Food does not only imply “eating slowly,” but also characterizes a conscious, healthy, and local diet. The Slow Food trend once was established in Italy as a countermovement to Fast Food, though, meanwhile, you can find the union everywhere. The small island, Juist, in the North Sea is famous for slowing down – therefore; the first Slow Food Days perfectly suit the East Frisian Island.


Slow Food teaching us to eat more consciously.
Eating more consciously due to Slow Food and learning to value our groceries again. © Kurverwaltung Juist


What is Slow Food about?

The movement’s philosophy can be summarized by three words, “good, clean, fair!” – as the non-profit organization describes its goals. Choosing to eat a particular meal has consequences – for the economy, environment, health, and farming. “Good” therefore refers to the conditions of the groceries we consume: nourishing and fresh, healthy and yummy. “Clean” describes the production process in which neither nature nor animals or people should be harmed. “Fair” demands equity of the production, trade, and consumption. Fairness should be prevailed in every step.


The beautiful and relaxing beach on Juist.
Why not going for a walk at the Bach after eating the Slow Food on Juist? © Kurverwaltung Juist


Sustainable cuisine on the Climate Island

Slow Food also perfectly matches Juist due to its sustainable aspects. The ingredients are sourced from the East Frisian area with a maximum distance of 100 km. At first sight it seems like a long distance, however, looking at the challenges islands have sourcing food it can be considered pretty local. The regional farming and trading helps adding value, and keeps the CO2 emissions low – a subject Juist is extremely good in. Disregarding sustainable aspects: Slow Food is delicious!


Slow Food Days on Juist: Dining in one of the participating hotels.
The principles of the Slow Food union are “good, clean, and fair!” © Kurverwaltung Juist


“Responsibility and indulgence belong together”

After the lengthily intro, you are “served” the relevant facts: the Slow Food Days on Juist take place on September 7thand 8th, 2018.  On the Kurplatz, the local Slow Food Convivium East Frisian will hand out more information. Best of all: 18 restaurants on Juist participate and adapt their menu according to the Slow Food Days offering you more, great local dishes than usual. Hotel Achterdiek and Nordseehotel Freese already support the movement. To quote Stefan Danzer from Restaurant Danzer’s located in Hotel Achterdiek: “We support the philosophy of Slow Food: Responsibility and indulgence belong together.”
You can find a list of all participating restaurants on Juist’s website. Moreover, you can partake in a lottery when ordering a Slow Food dish.

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