Permaculture in hotel gardens – vacation in the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini

Permaculture in hotel gardens – vacation in the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini
© i pini

For some it’s a trend, for others an attitude to life: veganism. Renouncing animal products has various positive effects. Eating plant-based food keeps our health, no animals must suffer for our pleasure, and, moreover, it is good for the environment: livestock farming and meat consumption cause way more greenhouse gases and use up more resources than the growing of fruits and greens. To give you an example: Producing 1 kg of tofu requires 925 liters of water, whereas 15,415 liters are needed for 1 kg of beef, more than 15 times as much. Additionally, woodlands are deforested regularly to create new pasturages – particularly in the rain forests that are very important for the climate. It is not required that we all become vegan, but eating more consciously including vegan meals once in a while is a good step in the right direction! Therefore, we are happy to have found a vegan pearl in Tuscany. Get inspired by the variety of vegan food and enjoy the Italian charm at i pini – while respecting nature and animals.


Vegan furniture: Antiques and organic textiles, Agrivilla i pini
You will find sustainable furniture at the biovegan hotel: Antiques, organic textiles, and biodegradable mattresses. © i pini


Vegan Bio-Agrivilla

The owners solely used natural materials for the renovation of the 16th century villa. The walls were built using lime, clay, and hemp, and the grounds are made of terracotta. In the end of 2017, i pini reached a landmark regarding organic renovation: according to the guidelines of “bioediliza” (organic architecture), the walls’ original state was restored without utilizing synthetic or harmful materials, merely using lime-rice chaff. Of course, the hotel’s furniture is also vegan: i pini uses vegetable fibers such as linen or organic cotton, the mattresses are biodegradable, and the furniture is either made of untreated wood, or it’s antique. Vegan and absolutely sustainable – we love it.


Permaculture and watering according to the moon phases at Agrivilla i pini
Organic vegetables and fruits grow in the biodynamic garden. © i pini


Biodynamic garden & permaculture

Everything in the hotel is vegan, the food, the construction, and the furniture. The ingredients for the excellent meals are mostly grown in the hotel’s own organic garden. Here, you can find local fruits and vegetables, old sorts, and herbs growing on living soil. Moreover, i pini produces its own biodynamic wine and organic olive oil. The hotel uses rainwater for the garden, and waters the plants according to the phases of the moon cycles to support the growth.
Recently, i pini offers creative vegan cooking classes providing you with insights into the vegan cuisine. Get inspired by chef Mauro teaching you the variety of vegan cooking (stay tuned to read more about it soon!).


fresh, organic, home-grown, and vegan ingredients, i pini
Treat yourself with a delicious vegan meal – or prepare it yourself in one of the vegan cooking classes. © i pini


Engaged in animal welfare

As a vegan host, i pini is particularly engaged in animal wellbeing. That is why not only the care products and cleaning agents are vegan and cruelty-free. You also find several insect hotels on the 14 hectares of land and various resting places for bats, wild bees, butterflies, and all other creatures strolling between the vines and pine trees. In order to protect nature and animals, i pini does not utilize any pesticides but fertilizers made from plant compost instead – well, the Bio-Agrivilla depends on the buzzers’ assistance in the garden so they can continue sourcing their own food.

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