The university for children on Juist: perceptible sustainability

The university for children on Juist: perceptible sustainability
© KV Juist

What can we do in everyday life and when traveling to live more sustainable? What does sustainability aim at? Consequences of climate change? Where and how are t-shirts produced? And why is Juist car free? These questions take center stage at the children university, which takes place every summer on the North Sea Island. Playful “lectures” and a lot of fun sensitize kids for the important subjects.


The climate island Juist

If you read our blog regularly, you already have a glue on Juist and its climate objectives. Juist is directly affected by the consequences of climate change namely the rising sea level. The small island is car free; you either walk, take the bike or carriage.  This applies not only for vacationers, but of course also for the locals, the police and also the garbage disposal. However, this is only one of many steps Juist takes on its way to become climate-neutral in 2030.


Juist, Nordsee, Wattwanderung
Where does our food come from? Who produces our clothes? These questions are taken into account during the university for children on Juist. ©KV Juist


The key for a sustainable future

To ensure a profound change, not only for the inhabitants of Juist, but also the guests, it is necessary to start at an early age. For climate protection and a sustainable lifestyle the younger generation plays a key role. Hence, exactly these subjects are given an understanding to the kids from July till September in the children university „Live sustainably“. The approach is considered from various perspectives, with varied plays and exciting lectures.


Adventurous stories and “get-involved” experiments

On the 7th of August 2018, Peter Zimmer; the expert for sustainable tourism demonstrates with the exciting story of the unequal siblings Waste and Eco what everybody – including children – can do for a fair society and an intact ecosystem. On the 16th of August the story is told to the participating children by penguin Paul and polar bear Napoleon: Thrilling adventures of both of them offer the scene for vivid explanations on the subject Climate Change, besides, interactive experiments cannot be omitted.


The child as a consumer

Whether you like it or not: the younger generation is getting in contact at an early stage with the excessive consumer society – either on clothes, sweets or social media. Cool clothes, the newest smartphone, and chocolate bar: By whom and how the products are produced, children only seldom know anything about these facts. Sustainability expert Frank Herrmann appeals to this important subject on 28th of August and points out which green alternatives exist and how children are also able to change the world.

The child university is free and an advance notification is not necessary. Here you can learn more.


Boy playing in the mud flats. © KV Juist
Boy playing in the mud flats. © KV Juist

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