Bang Krachao: Welcome to “Bangkok’s green lung”

Bang Krachao: Welcome to “Bangkok’s green lung”
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Bangkok is characterized by its traditions, culture, and modernity. Though, sustainable tourism is not the first thing coming to people’s minds when thinking about Thailand’s vibrant capital. Nevertheless, you can find green regions offering you insights into the lives of natives. There, you can experience an authentic Thailand and its breathtaking natural sceneries. One of the green regions is Bang Krachao Peninsula only separated by the river Chao Phraya from Thai mainland.


Far away from hustle and bustle: Bangkok’s quaint oasis

On the other side of the river, drowsy fishing villages, welcoming locals, orchards, and plantations await you instead of skyscrapers and the urban jungle of traffic chaos and crowds of people. Foremost: nature. Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park’s idyllic landscape is best discovered going for a walk, or by bike. Lately, new bike paths were built passing you along mango and lime trees, along playing and waving kids, traditional wooden pavilions, and fishermen’s cottages. Above all, you won’t get hungry during your ride. You can find numerous typical cook shops along your way. Delicious! From the pier, you will have a striking view on Bangkok’s skyline.


So green: biking at Bang Kachao © TAT


Bangnam Phueng Floating Market

Most of Thailand’s visitors stop by one of the floating markets on their vacation. That is why many markets are highly frequented by tourists nowadays – and have only little in common with the original markets. Bangnam Phueng Floating Market is one of the genuine ones: you can find traditional handcrafted goods and regional food here and enjoy the charming and authentic atmosphere. Moreover, amazing natural cosmetic is offered on the market such as body oils, soaps, and lotions made from bees wax, herbs, rice milk, or coconut.


Recreation at Homestay and fireflies

If possible, you should stay more than a few hours on Bang Krachao and take your time for recreation. Local families offer canal-tours and excursions to nature, just like accommodations: at Homestay, you can experience the everyday life of those living in “Bangkok’s green lung”. You could not discover the culture more authentically than here. As a highlight at night, you can spot fireflies. Five different species are breeding in Bang Krachao’s nature. In the dark, they are gathering in the treetops, impressing with their glow, a highlight you should not miss. Time seems to stand still when experiencing Thailand’s untouched nature on the other side of the river. A magic place!


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Ratchaburi
So tasty: fresh fruit at the Floating Market. © TAT


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