Eco wedding: rites and ceremonies in the Indian Ocean

Eco wedding: rites and ceremonies in the Indian Ocean
© Tongsai Bay

Have you always dreamed of a beach wedding? Fortunately, such symbolic ceremonies abroad are no longer uncommon these days. Barefoot in the sand or under palm trees – we introduce you to 5 locations that host traditional ceremonies and ensure you unforgettable moments on the most beautiful day of your life!


Coconut water for eternal happiness 

The Amaya Beach Resort & Spa on Sri Lanka’s east coast offers a traditional Poruwa ceremony. On the way to the Poruwa, a colorfully decorated altar, the bridal couple is accompanied by dancers and drum sounds. The sacred union of the two is symbolized by binding their ring fingers or little fingers and holy water pouring. The coconut water of a split coconut is dribbled on the couple to augur a prosper future. A choir solemnly blesses the marriage with chants. Finally, bride and groom light an oil lamp to send their wishes to the universe. 

If you’d rather celebrate a traditional western wedding but don’t want to miss the impressive scenery of Sri Lanka, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Amaya Hunas Falls. 


beach wedding Amaya Beach Resort & Spa
Eco-friendly wedding at the beach at Amaya Beach Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka


Buddha’s blessing: three times I do in Thailand

Traditionally, a drum parade accompanies the bride and groom to the wedding ceremony in Thailand. Thai weddings are strongly influenced by Buddhism, so the singing and blessing of Buddhist monks open the ceremony. Holy water symbolizes a healthy and successful life which is poured over the bridal couple. Decorated chains bind the two together and symbolize the unity of the lovers. 


beach wedding thailand Tongsai Bay
Eco-Friendly wedding at the beach of Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui, Thailand


At The Tongsai Bay, you can celebrate a traditional Buddhist wedding – with guests or just the two of you. If you choose the ceremony for two, your day ends with a romantic dinner on the beach. An unforgettable experience! 

At Zeavola Resort the bridal couple can choose between a traditional western or Buddhist wedding. Respecting the monks’ daily routine, the symbolic Buddhist wedding usually takes place in the afternoon. The ceremony ends with the planting of a love tree, that – just like the love between bride and groom – continues to grow. By the way, if you wish to hold a legally binding wedding rather than just a ceremonial one, Zeavola Resort will help you with the required documents and administrative formalities in Bangkok.  



Besides traditional Buddhist weddings, you can also experience an enchanted jungle wedding at Keemala Resort. Under the centuries-old trees in the unspoiled forest, couples can celebrate a fairytale-like wedding that doesn’t explicitly follow Thai traditions, but appreciates nature as well as the bond of love. 


eco wedding Keemala
Surrounded by nature: eco-friendly wedding ceremony at Keemala in Phuket, Thailand


Wedded under palm trees

On Cerf Island, the European influences from the colonial era can be seen when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Though, European wedding rites merge with local charm here: The bridal couple is welcomed with coconut drinks, can marry right at the turquoise blue sea or under palm trees, depending on their wishes. Instead of roses, tropical flowers adorn the bridal couple. Lovers can also plant heart-shaped corals – a romantic gesture and species protection at the same time.


Wedding rings carried in shells © Cerf Island Resort
The rings are presented in shells at Cerf Island Resort


Bride and groom on Seychelles © Cerf Island Resort
Groom is kneeling in front of his bride at Cerf Island Resort.

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