Sustainability pioneers: Ben Förtsch from Creativhotel Luise

Sustainability pioneers: Ben Förtsch from Creativhotel Luise
© Creativhotel Luise

In our series “Sustainability pioneers” we regularly introduce personalities paving the way for eco-friendly and socially responsible hotel practices. Today, we introduce you to Ben Förtsch from Creativhotel Luise.


Luise and a “green weirdo”

In 1956 Ben’s grandparents Heinz and Marga Förtsch laid the foundation for Creativhotel Luise. They were in the right place at the right time and benefited from Erlangen’s economic growth in the next years. The hotel was named after Ben’s great-grandmother Luise. When his father Klaus started managing the hotel at the end of the 1980s, the “green weirdo” decided for  the sustainable way despite the skepticism of many others. “The balancing act between high ecological goals and the economic aspects has not always been easy,” Klaus Förtsch described the challenges of a green hotel practice. 


Green business hotel © Creativhotel Luise


A tree hugger’s entrepreneurship

Through the years not only the Creativhotel, but son Ben grew into the role of the hotel director. He has been managing the hotel since 2014 and continues his father’s eco-management: “We are also guided by others, but pursue sustainability the way we understand it,” says Ben. In the meantime, various awards adorn the hotel’s walls, partly due to his ideas and visions. In 2016, the anniversary year, he launched “the renewable hotel room”, a Cradle-to-Cradle®-certified project. All of the materials used in these rooms are either regenerative or recyclable, thus creating a circular economy. Thanks to Ben’s commitment, Creativhotel Luise was the first climate-positive hotel in Germany: “We are proud of being awarded climate-positive hotel since 2015.”


Plants on the roof of the hotel © Creativhotel Luise


Business meets environmental protection 

In the course of time Creativhotel Luise became more and more a “green” business hotel and, thus, connects the business world to environmental protection. In the rooms and the hotel, natural and eco-friendly materials foster the (business) guests’ well-being, a technology developed by the NASA saves water while showering without minimizing the comfort, and organic, regional food keeps the guests’ health. Above all, the biotope garden reflects the green philosophy  which characterizes the Creativhotel. Guests can breathe fresh „Erlangen air“ on almost 1,500 m2. In addition, the hotel supports the “Charter of Diversity”, an initiative of the German Government, and is committed to being a fair employer. 

We are curious to see the future initiatives arising from Ben’s pioneering spirit that will be implemented at Creativhotel Luise.


Bird house in the biotope garden © Creativhotel Luise

Relax in the biotope garden Biotope garden © Creativhotel Luise


Biotope garden © Creativhotel Luise

all images © Creativhotel Luise

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